Support Mongoid

With over 800,000 gem downloads over the course of the last 3.5 years, Mongoid has been an actively maintained and popular project in the Ruby community. I'd like to keep the project and it's ecosystem going strong in the years to come, but your support is needed in order to make this happen.

The current time alotted to gems in the Mongoid organization is around 8 hours a week. This includes the following gems and projects:
  • Mongoid: The core Ruby ODM for MongoDB.
  • Moped: Our pure Ruby driver for MongoDB.
  • Origin: A DSL for generating MongoDB queries.
  • Moped-Turbo (in development): C Extensions for Moped.
  • Evolver (in development): Rails migrations for MongoDB.
  • Scooter (in development): An asynchronous JVM driver for MongoDB.
1 day a week is simply not enough time to keep up with all the needed work for these projects, which includes bug fixes, new feature implementations, maintaining documentation, answering direct emails, and answering questions on twitter and the mailing list.

The Goal: €20,000

If this amount of money can be raised, I can stop my part-time job and dedicate 20-30 hours a week to all projects in the Mongoid organization for the foreseeable future. This would also include availability again in the #mongoid IRC channel for those who need immediate assistance during reasonable hours.

The buttons below link to the donation pages on both Pledgie and WePAY. If you do not want to donate via either of those methods and would prefer to send money directly, please email me at durran at gmail dot com for bank details. Please ensure to include your Github username as well when sending donations if you do not wish to be anonymous.
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